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Craig has produced twelve DVD/videos of the fishing industry, which show life and work onboard various fishing vessels, working the fishing grounds of the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean.

The footage was filmed at sea by fishermen and feature the industry in all seasons and extremes of weather, showing how the crews live and work at sea. Included is footage of shooting and hauling the fishing gear, gutting and boxing up the catch, as well as spectacular shots of vessels in rough weather.

I am always looking for more video footage of fishing for future editions of the 'At The Fishing' series. If you have any tapes that you have recorded and would like them to be included, please give me a call to discuss it or send them to me at the address at the foot of the page.

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At The Fishing Volume  12 

Filmed at sea by fishermen


The latest edition of the ‘At the Fishing’ DVD series is a compilation filmed onboard a variety of different types of fishing boats.

It features deep sea whitefish trawling, pelagic trawling, seine-net fishing and was also recorded on three different types of inshore creel boats fishing for lobster and crab.

As well as heading to and from the fishing grounds there is also footage of hauling and shooting the fishing gear, sorting the catch, landing etc.

Included in this dvd is footage recorded onboard fishing vessels from various ports in Orkney and Shetland as well as vessels from North East Scotland and Ireland. Many of the recordings are filmed at sea by fishermen themselves.

The dvd has a running time of approx 1 hour 30 mins

At The Fishing Volume 12

1. Comrades LK375
The Shetland seine net boat is filmed at sea on a trip in 1997 before returning to Scalloway to land it's catch of whitefish.

2. Brendelen S0709 & Fr McKee S0708
The Irish pelagic pair trawlers are filmed on a trip in 1997.

3. Pathway PD165
The Peterhead pelagic trawler is filmed on a trip fishing for herring in 2002.

4. Quantus PD 379
Footage of the Peterhead pelagic trawler on a trip in 2002.

5. Aalskere K373
Filmed aboard the Orkney whitefish trawler at sea in 2007/08.

6. Marlenea K529
The Westray, Orkney, creel boat is shown working inshore for lobster and crab in 1992.

7. Loyal Friend K1142
Video footage of the Orkney single-handed creel boat which is shown fishing in the Kirkwall Bay area in 2011 for velvet crabs. The boat is rigged for self– shooting the creels out of the stern.

8. Sunrise WK35
The Wick-registered Orkney based and owned creel boat is filmed fishing for brown and velvet crab in May 2011.


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