'At The Fishing' - Volume 10
Filmed at sea by fishermen 1960-'s - 2004

    This dvd (running time approx 67  minutes)  is not made up from professional recordings but was filmed at seaby fishermen themselves over five different decades, from the 1960’s to 2004 using both video and cine cameras.

It includes steaming to and from the fishing grounds as well as hauling and shooting the fishing gear. Some of the footage also shows the vessels landing in different ports.

Boats from various ports in the UK  feature, including North East Scotland and Shetland.

Also featured is  the annual trawler race filmed in Brixham in Devon. Many of the ports beam trawler fleet are featured in this section of footage.

1. Ring netting 1960’s. –  Cine film of various ring netting boats operating on the east and west coasts of Scotland and the Western Isles. It includes many INS registered Avoch based  fishing vessels. Boats in the film include the Integrity, Rose, Aspire and Rosehaugh, as well as many others. There is also footage of the launch of the Adventurer INS 6.

2. Unity LK 307 –The 78 foot wooden,  Whalsay, Shetland, based boat  is shown on cine film which was recorded in the early 1970’s fishing with the purse net.

3. Surina BCK 93 & Margarita BCK 32 – The two Buckie registered fishing boats are pictured at the pair seine on a trip recorded in 1988.

4. Pentland Swell WK 157 & Ocean Sovereign BCK 15  - Filmed on a trip at the pair seine in 1990.

5. Honeybourne II BF 359 & Karvella FR 251 – Recorded at sea while pair seining in 1991.

6. Brixham Trawler Race 2004. – Recorded at sea onboard a beam trawler which was taking part in the annual race. Boats featured include Jacomina, Barentszee, Korenbloem, Centaur,  Christina,  Lloyd Tyler,  Michelle Louisa,  Mareverma,  Catear, Sasha Emiel, Lady Lou and  De Vrouw Marie.


RUNNING TIME - 67 minutes

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