'At The Fishing' - Volume 3

This video is a compilation of footage recorded at sea by fishermen working aboard trawlers and purse/seine vessels from the early 1970s right up to the modern day fishing vessels working in 1999

It shows the industry in all seasons and weather conditions and includes shooting and hauling the fishing gear, fish handling systems, gutting the fish and working in the hold. There are also spectacular shots of vessels in roughweather.

Fishing vessels working the traditional North Sea fishing grounds as well as the deep water Atlantic grounds to the West of Scotland are included.

The difference between the early footage, which was recorded on cine film, compared to the footage of the brand new modern vessels clearly shows how the fishing industry has progressed over the last 30 years.

Vessels and ports around Scotland and the North of England feature in the tape; from areas such as the North East of Scotland, including Peterhead and Fraserburgh; up to Shetland and Orkney; as well as vessels from Whitby in the North of England. Many other vessels from ports around the UK and abroad are also shown.

The tape is made up from the following footage:


This footage includes various vessels, mainly form the North East of Scotland, both fishing and in port. Shown is the launching of the Celestial Dawn, BF 215 in Macduff. Other vessels are: Heritage, Ambassador, Surveillance, Lunar Bow and Quo Vadis. Stornoway, North Shields and the Isle of Man are shown as well as fishing boats in the Caledonian Canal.

2. STEADFAST II , FR 443 (1989)

Fraserburgh trawler, fishing close to various oil and gas platforms in the North Sea, including the Hutton, Cormorant, Magnus and Brent platforms. The Fraserburgh trawler Polaris is also shown in rough weather, as well as a short clip onboard the Steadfast III in a Force 11 gale.

3. SEDULOUS, FR 443 (1996)

Fraserburgh purser filmed fishing and transferring fish from other vessels. Also showing various other pursers from around the UK at the fishing grounds, including: Challenge, Fiskebas, Altaire, Taits, Marbella, Omega and Christina S. The Sedulous is also filmed landing in Lerwick, Shetland and on another occasion being boarded by fisheries officers from the Fisheries Protection vessel Sulisker.

4. BE READY, LK 377 (1998)

The Shetland trawler is shown while pair trawling with the Donvale II.

5. CARISANNE, FR 112 (1998/9)

Whitby based trawler filmed while fishing in the North Sea, also including a large amount of footage of other fishing boats from the surrounding area, including: Carol M, Sophie Louise, Maggie M, Auriga III and Rebecca, as well as many more vessels.

6. STEADFAST IV , FR 443 (1999)

Filmed fishing in the various fishing grounds around Scotland, including the deep water Atlantic grounds. Many other Scottish trawlers are also shown, including: John Scott, Nordfjorder, Endeavour, Vandal, Sunlight, Emma Jayne, Keila, Arkh Angell, Fairway, Boy Andrew, Orkney Reiver, Crystal River, Harvest Reaper, Westro, Norlan and Mizpah, plus many others. The Steadfast IV is also shown landing in Lochinver and later being boarded by fisheries officers from the Fisheries Protection vessel Norna.



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