'At The Fishing' - Volume 4

This video is a compilation of recordings filmed at sea by fishermen between 1958 - 2001, and includes footage filmed from Cornwall, Fife, North-East Scotland, Western Isles, Orkney and Shetland. Many different vessels from the UK and abroad are also featured on the fishing grounds.

The tape shows many different kinds of fishing, including lobster fishing, trawling for whitefish, and scallop dredging, along with some footage of gill netting, and twin-rigging for prawns.

Hauling and shooting fishing gear, fish handling systems and working in the hold of various vessels is shown as well as fishing vessels working in all seasons and weather conditions.

This tape begins with cine film of fishing in Cornwall in 1958-9 and shows harvesting of willow branches to make lobster pots, and ends with the Killybegs, Ireland, based trawler Avro Warrior fishing near Rockall in 2001, worlds apart in both technology and methods, but still fishing nonetheless.


Cine footage of harvesting willow branches, which are shown being used to make lobster pots, in the village of Gorran Haven on the south coast of Cornwall. Also footage of hauling lobster pots off Dodman point, and some footage of netting, as well as the launching of the 18 feet 6 inch fishing vessel Coral Reef in Porthleven.


Including the launch of the 54 foot trawler Good Design II, KY 115, from the James Miller Yard in St Monans, Fife. The film also shows fishing onboard the trawler as well as landing at Pittenweem Fish Market. There is also a short clip of the launch of the 65 foot Good Design III, KY 151, from the same yard.

3. DUNAN STAR II, SY 123 (1980's and 1990's)

Video film of the 44 foot vessel being launched at Falmouth in 1987. and arriving home to Carloway in the Western Isles. The vessel is then shown carrying out various types of fishing in the late 1980's and the 1990's, including creeling, netting, and footage of trials of trawling for lemon sole.

4. MORAY EXPLORER, BCK 68 (1999)

Film of the Buckie registered but Orkney based scallop dredger fishing around Orkney and Shetland. There are also some scenes of Lerwick and Whalsay, in Shetland, as well as shots of trawlers and pursers both in port and at sea.

5. MADALIA, LK 227 (1994)

The Shetland trawler shown fishing before landing and net mending in Cullivoe, Shetland.

6. ALISON KAY, LK 257 (1994)

The Shetland trawler filmed leaving Scalloway, fishing and then landing in Scrabster.

7. PLEIADES, BF 576 (2000)

Banff registered trawler pictured twin-rig trawling for prawns.

8. AVRO WARRIOR, WD 28 (2001)

The 40 metre Killybegs based Irish stern trawler is filmed fishing the deep water fishing grounds near Rockall. The vessel was designed by Macduff Shipyards and built by A & L Hoekman in Urk, Holland and delivered in 2000


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