'At The Fishing' - Volume 5

This video in the 'At The Fishing' series is a compilation video recorded at sea on various trips by fishermen themselves and shows life and work at sea on many different types of fishing vessels, including some recently built boats.

The tape includes footage recorded on a range of different vessels, including single-rig and twin-rig trawlers, also shown is creeling, and tuna netting is also featured.

Most of the footage in the tape was recorded between 1999-2002 with the exception of the sprat trawling which was filmed in 1991.

Volume 5 was filmed onboard various vessels from Scotland and Ireland, and also includes footage of vessels from other countries working the fishing grounds around the UK, in all seasons and weather conditions.

This video was recorded onboard the following vessels:

1. ALISA, OB 26 and CAROLINE C, OB70 (1991)

Mallaig based boats pair trawling for sprats off the west coast of Scotland.

2. MARY M, SO857 (1999)

40 metre Irish trawler fishing the deep water grounds to the west of Shetland. The vessel is shown catching black halibut near to the Foinaven Oilfield.

3. HOLLY B, T420 (2001)

Irish registered boat shown gill netting for tuna off Ireland. Also featuring many vessels from Spain and France as well as other Irish vessels.

4. NORMA MARY, A882 (2001)

51 metre freezer stern trawler pictured twin-rig trawling for red fish in deep water.

5. RELIANT, BCK101 (2001)

Featuring the launch of the vessel in Whitby in 2001 then filmed carrying out fishing trials.

6. ALISON KAY, LK57 (2001)

The newly built Shetland trawler filmed on its first trip after being built in Denmark

7. GOLDEN WEST, K101 (2002)

Orkney fishing boat filmed creeling in the Pentland Firth, recorded in February 2002


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