'At The Fishing' - Volume 6

The video was filmed at sea by fishermen and includes many fishing vessels from around the UK ,in all weathers and sea conditions, including inshore creel boats, to deep sea trawlers fishing in areas including Rockall, Iceland and the Faeroes, and includes footage of “sidewinder” trawlers around 1970 to modern day vessels filmed in the 1990’s - 2004.

Some of the vessels featured in the video are still fishing today, but not all, as they have been scrapped in the latest round of decommissioning.

Also featured are seine net fishing vessels and building and launching catamarans, as well as vessels and ports around the UK including Hull, Grimsby, Orkney, Shetland, Scrabster, Peterhead, as well as Iceland and the Faeroes.


1. Ross Juno GY 660 .

Filmed around 1970 this is a cine film of the 137 foot Grimsby sidewinder trawler leaving from Grimsby and fishing at the Faeroe Islands. Also includes footage of vessels including the William Wilberforce and the Ross Tiger, as well as other vessels of the era.

2. Vega LK 330

Filmed in 1997 This well known Shetland stern trawler is filmed trawling near Foula, Shetland, shortly before decommissioned.

3. Budding Rose PD 418

The Peterhead seine netter is shown being launched in Campbeltown in 1990 and on a trip fishing from and landing in Peterhead in the early 1990’s. Visit their website www.buddingrose.co.uk

4. Sunbeam LK 335

The 48.88 meter Shetland stern trawler is filmed on two different trips. One at Rockall catching big cod in 1998 which features many of the deep water trawlers from Scotland working the grounds, including Banff, Ullapool and Kirkwall registered boats, as well as others. Includes footage of the Fraserburgh trawler Steadfast IV fishing in bad weather. The Sunbeam is also shown fishing for Redfish before going into Iceland.

5. Thornella H 96

This is a compilation of footage recorded onboard the Hull stern trawler on various trips between 2002-03 The boat which was recently decommissioned is shown visiting ports such as Scrabster, Faeroe Islands, and Shetland, with many other vessels from these areas and more are shown both at sea and in port.

6. Faith Hope K 122

The brand new Cygnus Cyclone Orkney creel boat was shown on one of its first trips hauling and shooting creels in the Pentland Firth in early 2003.

7. Ceol na mara CN 699

Footage of this Kingfisher 26 was filmed in Orkney in 2004.The boat is shown fishing from Tingwall, hauling and shooting creels before returning in bad weather.Other Tingwall based boats are featured.

8. Gemini workboats.

Part of a promotional film of the Essex catamaran boatbuilders. Includes footage of the Standsure UL552 fishing with prawn creels. Visit their website www.geminiworkboats.com


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