'At The Fishing' - Volume 7
Filmed at sea by fishermen 1978-2005


This video (running time approx 2 hours 30 minutes) was filmed at sea by fishermen. It includes many fishing vessels from around the UK, Ireland and abroad pictured in all weathers and sea conditions. Included are recordings filmed aboard inshore creel boats and deep water crabbers, working at extreme depths. Various trips aboard deep sea trawlers fishing in areas from Greenland through the ice, to the traditional North Sea and Atlantic Grounds including Rockall also feature.

Some of the vessels featured in the video are still fishing today, but not all, as some have been scrapped in the latest round of decommissioning.

Volume 7 is also now available on DVD by mail order from from Craig Taylor 11 Hatston Park, Kirkwall, Orkney, KW15 1UB Priced at £18.99 UK £19.99 Europe (Pounds sterling only). Cheques, bankdrafts etc payable to Craig Taylor. Please state, when ordering whether you require DVD or Video.


1. Enterprise K 880.

Cine film from around 1978 on the 65 foot Westray, Orkney, based vessel, which is show creeling around the North Isles as well as Sule Skerry and the North Shoal. Also includes footage of the Bon Ami K469

2. Strowa K 77.

The 38 foot wooden Westray vessel is shown creeling at Fair Isle in 1993.

3. Heather K, K 77.

The brand new 17m vivier crabber is pictured being launched in MacDuff in 2003, arriving home to Westray and then filmed creeling for lobster and crab in Orkney and Shetland waters including Foula.

4. Heather Jane II D 674 & Peadar Elaine D 678.

Built in Spain in 2000-01 the 25.5 m Irish vivier crabbers are shown at Downings, Co.Donegal before the state of the art purpose built vessels are filmed creeling for lobster and crab, in deep water West of Ireland. Includes footage of their automated hauling and shooting systems. Thanks to McBride Fishing Company for the footage. www.mcbridefishing.ie.

5. Shetland Challenger LK 173.

The Lerwick registered freezer factory stern trawler filmed fishing for shrimp in Arctic waters through the ice off the Greenland coast .The catch is also shown being processed in the onboard factory on this trip, which was the maiden voyage of the ship in 1989.

6. Girl Maureen K 100.

26m Orkney whitefish trawler on a trip to Rockall and landing in Aberdeen in 1986. The boat is shown before it was fitted with a shelter deck.

7. Orkney Reiver K 49.

Orkney whitefish trawler filmed in Westray and on a trip in the late 1980’s.

8. River Dee K 51.

The Kirkwall, Orkney based whitefish trawler filmed during a trip in 1993.

9. Defiant LK 371.

The Campbeltown built Shetland based 87 foot whitefish boat filmed on a trip trawling and landing at Scalloway fish market in 1995.

10. Convallaria BF 58.

Banff registered 40m vessel pictured fishing with purse net for herring in around 1980. Pictured leaving from Fraserburgh and fishing in waters around Shetland.

11. Adeina LK 193.

57 m Shetland pelagic mid– water trawler filmed in 1996-97. Includes footage of the vessel fishing for herring as well as pumping fish on to other vessels including the Western Endeavour and Zephyr. Also shown are other vessels working the grounds including the Quantas in bad weather, as well as Antares, Christina S, Andra Tait, Kings Cross, and Jon Sigardsson as well as smaller trawlers. Some of the boats are filmed pair trawling.

12. Our Hazel UL 543.

20m Vivier crabber filmed in 2005 during experimental fishing trials for North Atlantic King crabs, or deep sea red crabs as they are also known. Working with ropes of pots in depths of between 1000m –1600m on the continental slope to the West of Scotland. The boat is also filmed landing its usual target of brown crabs in Ullapool. Thanks to the skipper and crew of the Our Hazel and Trevor Misson at the Seafish Industry Authority for this rare footage. www.seafish.co.uk


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