'At The Fishing' - Volume 8
Filmed at sea by fishermen


This compilation DVD (also available on video by request) which has a running time of just over 2 hours was filmed at sea by fishermen onboard many different types of fishing boats. It includes many boats from around the UK, Ireland and abroad pictured in all weathers and sea conditions.

Included in this edition are trawlers working at the edge of the continental shelf in the Atlantic Ocean, to tuna fishing trials of the coast of Spain.

Various trips feature aboard deep sea trawlers fishing in the traditional North Sea areas as Atlantic Grounds close to Rockall and St Kilda. Crab and lobster boats also feature fishing in various areas.

Galilaean GY 603 - Short cine film recorded onboard the Grimsby trawler off the coast of Iceland in the mid 1960's.

Cine film of North East Scotland boats Included in the footage is the launch of the Progress BF 1 in 1967, as well as other vessels fishing, including taking a haul of sprats in the Beauly Firth.

 Rivo K 391 - This is converted cine film recorded in the late 1970's and early 1980's mainly shows the Rivo. As well as the Westray, Orkney, based trawler there is also some footage of Pierowall, Westray in a gale. Other
boats show are the Our Catherine, Bon Ami and the Monica Croan.

 Seagull BF 83 & Osprey BF 500 - 59 foot vessels shown pair trawling off the west coast of Scotland in the 1980's.

Seagull BF 74 - Launch of the 68 foot fishing boat in MacDuff in 1990 and filmed on a fishing trip.

Vandal LK 337 - Shetland trawler fishing in deep water in the Atlantic close to St Kilda west of Scotland in the late 1990's.

Vandal LK 337 & Harvest Reaper III PD 120 - Filmed carrying out experimental fishing trials for tuna off the cost of Spain in the late 1990's.

Mizpah LK 173 - The Shetland trawler is shown fishing in 2000 and onwards. Also featured are fishing boats from Orkney and Shetland as well as from ports on mainland Scotland.

Boy Shane WK 673 - Scrabster based crabber pictured hauling and shooting creels in 2000.

Adeina D 665 - Irish 33m trawler filmed leaving Killybegs in 1999 on a trip to Rockall, before returning to Killybegs to land.

Orkney Reiver K49 & Rivo K391 - Orkney trawlers pair-trawling in 1988, filmed fishing as well as taking shelter at St Kilda, off the west coast of Scotland.

Keila K 121 - Orkney trawler filmed on a trip to Rockall in 1991 and landing at Scrabster. Also shown is a short clip of the boats home port of Pierowall, Westray.

Iain Og CN 40 - Fishing for lobster and velvet and brown crab onboard this Orkney creel boat.


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