'At The Fishing' - Volume 9
Filmed at sea by fishermen


Recorded at sea on various fishing vessels from around the UK and Ireland, including Orkney & Shetland.

Featuring trawling for whitefish and prawns, mid-water trawling, seine net fishing, inshore and deep water creeling for lobster and crab and scallop dredging.

This compilation (which has a running time of just over 2 hours) was filmed at sea by fishermen onboard many different types of fishing boats. It includes many different boats from around the UK, Ireland and abroad pictured in all weathers and sea conditions.

Bunillidh WK96.  The Helmsdale based 64.5 foot  wooden hulled seine-net boat is filmed being launched at the Herd and Mackenzie yard in Buckie in 1984.  There is also footage filmed aboard the boat fishing in the mid-1990’s in the Moray Firth shortly before the boat was sold from her home port of Helmsdale.

Bunillidh WK96 and Atlas BF245  Filmed  pair-trawling in 1987-88 off the West coast of Scotland.

Genesis N188  The 70m (230 feet) mid-water Irish registered pelagic trawler is filmed during a trip in 1991.

Research LK381 and Azalea LK396 The mid-water pelagic trawlers Research (180 feet) and the Azalea  (201 feet) are shown pair-trawling in 1996. Included in the footage are various other pelagic trawlers and purse seiners including Voyager, (ex-Libas), Orcades Viking, Adenia (ex- Peter Jonson) and others.

Endeavour LK173  Recorded onboard the Shetland whitefish trawler during various trips in the 1990’s.

Pisces SY 838 The 16.89m boat is filmed trawling for prawns in the North Minch in 2005. The vessel was built in Macduff in 1973.

Serene INS 1027 The 22.31m vessel was built at Jones yard in Buckie in 1980 as Amaranth, INS 297. She is shown twin-rigging for prawns and , fishing South and North Minch  in 2002 or 2003.

Fredwood II BA 338 and St Apollo BA359. The Ballantrae based scallop dredgers are filmed at sea on fishing trips around 2002.

William Henry II  DH 5  The deep water crabber is recorded during a trip in 2002 before returning to Scrabster to land. There is also footage of the crabber William Henry arriving in Scrabster.

Winner K1127  The Orkney based wooden hulled creel boat is filmed fishing for green crabs in 2008.

Polaris K 122  Built by Cygnus Marine, finished off and launched in Orkney in 2007. The Cygnus Typhoon 33 (10.0m)  which is operated single handed is shown creeling for lobster and brown crab in the Pentland Firth in September 2008.



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